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Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd

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Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed in 2007 by the eight Tiwi Land Owning Groups for the purpose of developing economic opportunities and creating jobs for Tiwi people.   It’s first contract on the island was to plant acacia seedlings for the forestry industry and has since expanded it's operations to include labour hire services, project management, vehicle hire and accommodation management. 

 Tiwi Enterprises vision is:
"Self reliance through skills development and productivity." 
Tiwi Enterprises mission is:
“We provide services for the development of Tiwi Island economic activity and the employment of Tiwi island people.”
Tiwi Enterprises business activities include:
 ·       Contract labour service
·       Contract (project manager) services
·       Grant funding administration
·       Nguiu vehicle hire
·      Yard Maintenance
·       Nguiu Garage
·       Mantiyupwi accommodation management