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About Us

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Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd ACN 128 240 184 was formed by the eight Tiwi Land Owning Groups for the purpose of developing economic opportunities and creating jobs for Tiwi people. It was incorporated in October 2007 initially to contract to the forest industry.
Andrew Bush, Connell Tipiloura, Gibson Farmer, Damien Burak, Danny Munkara, Jose Puruntatameri, Baylon Tipungwuti,
Company Secretary
Yvonne Kelly
Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd Management includes:
Chief Executive Officer: Ray Allwright
Project Manager:  Mark Muller
Accountant / tax agent: Michael Gray (DFK Gray Perry)
Solicitor: Jude Lawyers
Training provider: Tiwi Islands Training & Employment Board (“TITEB”)
Environmental Consultant: Kate Hadden (Tiwi Land Council)