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Visitor Permit

Visitors Permit
The Tiwi Islands are privately owned.
Like other landowners in Australia, Tiwi Island people value their legal rights to grant or refuse permission to people wishing to enter their land. 
Following High Court findings (2008) Tiwi land also includes the sea (water and resources within the mouth of the streams, creeks and estuaries).
The Tiwi Land Council has strict requirements for all visitors, including media representatives, and non Tiwi residents on the Islands.
The permit system is designed to strengthen the Permission Principle at the cultural heart of Tiwi land management and also to help protect the privacy of Tiwi landowners, encourage Tiwi Island people to be involved in projects on their land, safeguard the natural environment, and promote visitor safety.
Permits are granted to people who have been invited for business or private purposes. 
To obtain a permit you must complete the relevant online application form. The application requires you to outline who your host (individual or organisation) will be, the purpose of your visit and the length and location of your stay.
Permit Type:  Access (no fishing or hunting)
    •  Visiting within community boundary no charge
    •  Visiting with access beyond community boundary fee applies
    •  Resident within community boundary no charge
    •  Resident with access beyond boundary                 fee applies
    •  Media Representatives  


For Visitor Permit click here
Permit Type: Resources
    •  Fishing Permit no charge
    •  Hunting Permit fee applies


A fishing permit fee no longer applies, however a permit is still required for the following:

Annual Permit 4-14 Day Permit 1-3 Day Permit
For Fishing Permit click here
For Hunting Permit click here
If your application is successful, you will be issued a permit with conditions tailored to your request.
The permit will not allow you to enter the Tiwi Islands for any purpose other than stated on the permit.
Please remember, Tiwi traditions are founded upon respect. Your application enhances the protection of Tiwi cultural and intellectual property rights, including Tiwi cultural knowledge. 
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